The Mural


Clicking on the smaller pictures, (below) brings up either left or right panels, or the depiction of the Celestial Host. By clicking on one of the Saint’s head you will be taken to their biography. If you prefer to search by the Saint’s name, this link opens a ‘clickable’ list to the biographies.

The lives of the Saints were set against a background of political unrest when torture and death were routinely used; both to coerce individuals to accept particular doctrines and to punish those deemed traitors or heretics.

This particular group of Catholic Martyrs was selected to represent a body of around three-hundred English and Welsh people who were executed for their faith between 1535 and 1679.

They each have their own day of memorial, but are remembered as a group on

25th October.

The mural behind the altar depicts the Martyrs of England and Wales, who were canonised by Pope Paul VI in 1970.  


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