The Celestial Host


Heavenly Host

Traditionally, the clouds refer to the Divine Abode or Heaven, or The Vehicle of Christ.

Angel with trumpet

Archangel Gabriel is the Herald announcing the resurrection of the soul and its entrance into Heaven.

Angel with banner

Archangel Michael, the leader of God’s Army, carries the banner which denotes victory, triumph and rejoicing: Glory to God in the Highest.

Angel with vessel

Archangel Raphael is one of seven Archangels who stand before the Throne of the Lord. He is the Patron Saint of Healers, Nurses, Physicians and Travellers. Raphael is depicted  here with a vessel or flask. His feast day is celebrated on 29th.September.                                           

Angel in Thunder-Cloud

Archangel Uriel is identified variously as a regent of the Sun and flame of God.  In later scriptures, he is represented as the ‘Face of God’. He is often depicted as the Angel of Repentance, watching over thunder and terror. He signifies wisdom. Uriel is a patron of the Arts.                              

Cherub                                                                                                                                         A Celestial being and companion to God, the Cherub is portrayed here after the popular image of one of the Second Order of Angels, represented as a round-cheeked child with wings.                                              

Harpist                                                                                                                                          Identified with David in the Old Testament, the harp is symbolic of Worship in Heaven and Hope.


         ....And what if all of animated nature

    Be but organic Harps diversely framed,

    That tremble into thought, as o'er them sweeps

    Plastic and vast, one intellectual breeze,

    At once the Soul of each, and God of all?

    Samuel Taylor Coleridge ‘The Aeolian Harp’  - 1796